Our World Trip Packing List

Our World Trip Packing List


For us it was hardly to decide what is going to be in our backpacks. We spent hours in reading blogs and other packing lists, collecting advices in outdoor shops and slowly created an idea of our own packing list. But we have to consider that we weren’t really sure about our decisions.

The problem is easy: you have no idea what you will expect. You cannot really estimate what you will definitely need and therefore you will tend to take to much stuff with you. And the result is the next problem; you should keep your luggage weight as low as possible.

We experienced how it went and because we can exactly remember how we felt at the beginning of our trip, we want to share our final packing list with you.

If you have seen our second VLOG (We’re packing out: Our World trip packing list) about our packing list and you’re wondering why we showed you a fewer things compared to what is written in this BLOG it’s easy: We already threw out a few things because of the fact that we are going to spend the next year in warmer countries like South East Asia and Australia. But in this packing list here wrote down everything we would have started with, with our current experience.

We have also written down a few classic things, which we brought with us and didn’t really use them. We had to be equipped for every climate, tropical heat, coldness and wetness.

We traveled within one year through the following countries: Cuba, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, USA, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand.

So suck out everything you need and get ready for your big trip!

Nina’s backpack content and equipment

The perfect Backpack

With this we’ll give you the advice to pay attention in quality and don’t save money here. A good Backpack can easily cost 250-300$, but it will maybe be with you the rest of your life. The best way to get informed is pop in into an outdoor shop and ask the staff, you can try the different types and collect useful information. The most outdoor shops even offer you weights to get a feeling how the backpack fits with content. Take your time with this decision and look around until you have a good feeling, pay attention on pressures, walk around and then go for the most faithful item on your journey. This friend should not hurt after hours of carrying and in addition shouldn’t fall apart after the first rough treatment.

Deuter backpack Aircontact 55 plus 10l
Jack Wolfskin MOAB JAM 21l

You have to have Zip-Off trousers – Not.

At the beginning we both looked for multifunctional trousers with a T-Zip. After a while we found some but we have to consider that we weren’t really satisfied with them. To be honest, we cannot identify ourselves with the present-day outdoor fashion. We just don’t want to look like grandpa and grandma on a mountain hiking tour, it is important to us that we feel good in our clothes. Most of the Zip-Off trousers don’t have a nice cut and you look like a potato bag in them. Oliver finally found trousers from Jack Wolfskin, which satisfied him, and Nina found some from Fjial Raven without Zip-Off. Nina can pull up the pants if it’s too hot, she’s pretty satisfied with them and don’t really misses the Zip-Off.

4x Tank Tops 1x Mammut Shoftshell Raincoat
 1x Triumph Sport-Bra
1x Sportshirt
 1x Mammut Fleece Jacket
 5x Panties
1x T-Shirt 
 1x Fjäll Räven Karla Trousers 3x Thin socks

1x Short jeans
 1x Cardigan 1x Thick socks

       1x Swimming shorts  1x Naketano Zipper 1x Bra
1x Sportleggins
  1x Cap  1x Boxershort (for sleeping)
1x Dress  1x Thin gloves 1x Skiing underwear
2x Bikini  1x Hiking socks
1x Multifunctional headband 

The right shoes

This part needs quality as well. Think about long-term protection for your feet, these shoes have to absorb the most. We decided us for high top robust hiking shoes for walking rough tracks and hikes. Sandals for the warmer regions and to cross creeks without taking off your shoes. Sport shoes for the city and for running and of course thongs for the beach! We’re very satisfied with our selection.

1x Meindl Vakuum Lady Ultra

1x Sport shoes

1x Sandals
1x Thongs

Music lovers – Watch out!

We’re carrying a Boom Box with us and we would never thought how often we’re using it. A daily good mood creator, even now while writing this Blog I am using it. 😉 Tell me who don’t love to hear music!

1x Toothbrush 1x Skin make up 1x Kobo eBook Reader
1x Toothpaste 1x Powder 4x Packing cubes
1x Tweezers 1x Lipstick 1x Shoe bag
1x Hairbrush 1x Brow liner 1x Flannel
1x Nail file 1x Mascara 1x A few pencils
1x Small scissor  1x Diary
1x Razor  1x Card game
1x Skin care
cream  1x Lighter
1x Hair wax  1x Laundry bag
 1x Hair oil  1x Sunglasses
1x Shampoo  1x Boom Box 
1x Conditioner

Oliver’s backpack content and equipment

Multifunctional for every situation

An absolute must have on a world trip. These clothes is mostly light, fast drying, made out of high quality material and can be used for different using areas. The market for these kinds of clothes is gigantic, keep a cool head and don’t loose yourself in the deepest details. It doesn’t have to be the newest and best, look for stuff from the last seasons or in the sale area!

Show me your backpacks!

Jack Wolfskin Denali 65l

Jack Wolfskin MOAB JAM 24l

Your savior in bad weather conditions

Unfortunately there is no limit in prices as well. We grabbed for these a little bit deeper in our pockets, in return we’re still very satisfied after 3 years now with our Raincoats from Mammut. It is water and windproof, good to wear and with a zip under the arms for a nice air circulation.

2x T-Shirt  1x Mammut Meron Jacket Men   5x Boxershorts
 1x Fast Dry Sport Shirt  1x Mammut Yadkin Half Zip Pullover 
  5x Socks

 5x Tank tops
  1x Jack Wolfskin Canyon Zip Off Pant
  1x Hiking socks

 2x Swimm Shorts  1x Jeans  1x Skiing underwear 
 1x Button down shirt  1x Buff multifunctional headband

 1x Thin gloves

 1x Neopren Zipper OPM
 1x Cap

What about shoes?

1x Meindl Vakuum Men ultra
1x Sport shoes

1x Thongs

Keep order in your backpack

Stay organized and definitely buy packing cubes in different sizes! With these you can easily keep tidiness and you are prepared for your travels. You can organize your clothes and equipment to different use areas and you’ll reach a quick access to everything you need.

1x Toothbrush 1x Package Antibiotics 3x Packing cubes
1x Dental floss 1x Package Ibuprofen 1x Shoe bag
1x Deodorant 1x Package Paracetamol 1x Belt
1x Razor 1x Package Coal pills 1x Travel money belt

1x Shaving soap 1x Package Ambene/Pixoflam 1x Watch
1x Aftershave balsam 1x Nose spray 1x Glasses
40x Razor blades 1x Package Citrizin 1x Sunglasses
Cotton swab 3x Bandage 2x Cappie
6x Monthly contact lenses 10x Plasters  1x Hammok

Contact lenses equipment  1x Plaster roll  1x Laundry bag
1x Skateboard
1x Leatherman Rebar
 1x Kobo eBook Reader
1x Sewing Kit
2x Plastic Cutlery

Small, practical and better than oldschool – The eBook Reader

We bought two of them especially for this trip and it was the only right decision.
On a long journey you don’t want to choose between one or two books and the weight is the other problem.

1x MacBook Pro 13″ late 2013 1x USB Power Adapter 1x MacSafe Charger
1x Multiple Travel Plug 1x 1 TB external HDD 1x Second GoPro Battery

Canon EOS 760D 1x USB to HDD cable

GoPro equipment

(Backcovers , Connection parts,

Scuba filter, ect.)

Manfrotto 290 Light Tripod 1x 64 GB USB Flash Drive 2x 64GB Micro SD
GoPro Hero 4 Black 1x Micro USB cable 2x 32GB Mikro SD Card
GoPro external Display 1x Mini USB cable 3x 8GB SD Card
2x iPhone charge cable 2x German Phone SIM Cards

Camera equipment

We started with a Panasonic Lumix G3, but after a wave hit us it unfortunately braked. With the help of this community and a lot of donations we were able to buy a Canon EOS 760D with the 18-135mm Lens.

What did we bring with us but already got rid of it

Of course, we just can tell you our experience. Everybody who plans heaps of more day hiking tours, could have other priorities. We love long hikes as well, but on these times were we planed our more day hikes it was always possible to hire all the camping gear you need for a few bills. I mean, if you don’t bring a tent then you have to find a hiring shop anyway. So afterwards we didn’t use this equipment as much as it was worth to carry it around the globe.

Sleeping bag

We really spend a lot of money in this item and bought a 3 season Mammut sleeping bag, but afterwards we wish we wouldn’t have done it. The volume filled almost a third of our backpack and it was everything else than a light one. We used it approximately 5 times in this year, the rest of the time it just laid heavy and bulky in our backpack. These few times we needed them, we could have hired them beside of the isolation mattress and the tent. For us it was just unnecessary luggage we gave away when our family visited us.

Camping cooker

Brought with us, once needed but then forgot. We got rid of it. Somebody of the group has one every time and if not hire it or make a fire.

Silk inlet

We used it once in National park in Costa Rica and we thought we can use it more often in accommodation which are not really clean. Not dumb but lucky we, we slept most of the time in clean beds. We never had the thought: That’s perfect for the silk inlet! We got rid of it. 😉


Here we don’t want to dissuade! For everybody who will travel alone or expect to share rooms in dorms it is definitely an important item. But we used our PacSafe very rarely. The first reason was that we usually slept in safe areas and the second one is that we had often somebody confidential in the accommodation (AirBnB).

Rain trousers

Never been used! Nice idea: when we travel while rain season you can just jump inside and voila! Yes, it rained sometimes but mostly it was warm and humid, that you would never come to the idea to wear these trousers. You will get wet anyway and in countries like Thailand or Costa Rica it’s more refreshing than upsetting. If you want to climb mountains in a more day hike you will be definitely happy with these trousers. But this didn’t happen in our case.

The multifunctional sponge bag – not a must have

Here our decision felt on a multifunctional one from an outdoor shop. The practical side is that you can hang it up but if you put too much stuff in, it gets harder to roll and close it. We had to separate our shampoo bottles and afterwards a normal sponge bag would have been good too.

So do you have some suggestions what is missing? Did you make other experiences and would bring something else?

We’re looking forward for comments! Let’s talk about it!
There is always room to optimize.


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