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The Milford Sound

After we explored the southern east coast from Dunedin until the nuggetpoint the day of the days became closer. We started to hype this day actually before we left Germany and finally this day arrived. With a view on the weather forecast it was just one possible day to visit the sound. The week was

Our Camera is broken!

Two days ago something happened what we want to share with you. After our farewell from Oliver’s parents we arrived in our next accommodation in greymouth. We stayed with a Brazilian couple who are in their plans to do a bicycle world tour. Felippe and Mariana were so nice that we spent the evenings together

Share your journey!

Since the 29th December we’re not just two on travel, we’re four. My parents joined us for 2 weeks in new Zealand and we will explore the southern part of the south island together. An incredible feeling to see people you know after 6 month and on top they are your parents! We picked them

Hitchhike zu Wharariki Beach

Nach dem Abel Tasman Nationalpark hatten wir einen knappen Einblick in das, was uns auf der Südinsel erwartet. Wir rasteten nach der Wanderung für ein paar Tage und trampten im Anschluss an die „Golden Bay“. Das Trampen/Hitchhiken ist in Neuseeland weit verbreitet und wir hatten bisher auch ohne eigenes Auto und öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel keine Probleme

Three days of nature, hiking and camping

The way was planned, the backpacks packed and that meant for us: 3 days through the wonderful nature of the famous Abel Tasman national park. This coast track is well known for his breathtaking views, is one of the most beautiful walks in whole New Zealand and is written on our todo list near top.

Das Land der heißen Erde

Er brodelt, er blubbert und manchmal stinkt er auch ein bisschen: Der Boden Neuseelands! In Rotorua hatte unsere Nase das erste Vergnügen mit der heißen Erde Bekanntschaft zu machen. Als wir am Hostel angekommen aus dem Auto stiegen wurde uns klar… Puh, irgendwas stinkt hier! Bei einem Spaziergang durch den Kuirau Park sahen wir dann

Through the north to the father of the forest

We are happy to be so flexible with our hired car. No Problem to reach all the places we want to see. As a sample we visited the northern east point of the north island, called ‘cape reinga’ and we enjoyed the beautiful view over the ocean. The tasmansea and the pacific ocean get mixed

Shakespear Regional Park

We spent the first days here with getting used to the different clima of new zealand and closely escaped a cold. Today we dared a first step in the nature – after a while of drizzle the sun came out finally. 🙂 The first impression of New Zealand: a unbelievable diversity of flora and fauna,