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Chiang Mai – Elephant Sanctuary

At the end of our trip through Thailand there was one thing left what we haven’t done so far. We saw them on Koh Chang, we smelled them on Koh Phangan and we became sad when we drove by a riding farm on Phuket. I am talking about elephants. One of the most majestic creatures

Our first big journey ends…

On the second July 2016 we fulfilled our dream. We saved money and planned for two years our trip around the world. As the final date was set we booked the flights, canceled our jobs, sold all the stuff we had and prepared ourselves with everything we need for this long journey. With the backpacks

New Year in Thailand

The new year ‘Songkran’ was the biggest and funniest water battle in our live! No one cares if you’re young or old, thai or tourist, no one was spared and everybody got cleaned for the new year 2560.

Bangkok and Koh Chang

After the first days in Bangkok and more than a week on the island “Kho Chang” we arrived in Pattaya. The civilization got us again! We would have leave the island a little bit earlier but unfortunately we got sick and needed to rest for a few days. Now we feel better and we’re looking