Why so quiet?

Our blog is currently coming to short! Therefore we want to explain what is happening right now and why we’re not able to afford more time. For one thing we’re working a lot, 6 up to 7 workdays per week are pretty normal and this is a good thing. We want to use our working

Little kitten…

Three days ago suddenly this sweet kitten sat in front of our bus. We haven’t seen it before and we were thinking that maybe it belongs to our neighbor. He feeds a wild cat family every evening. We were wondering why the cat was the only one, which was not afraid of humans. We spoiled

Working routine

Since a week now we’re back in our working routine. “The Village” is an Italian restaurant and owned by a family. There are two other backpackers from England and Italy, so our employers are very open minded and friendly. While Oliver has a six days week and I’m still waiting for more working hours which

Sunset at Lake Coolah

Before we’ll start our routine of work again, we wanted to explore our neighbourhood a little bit. We’ve seen the big “Lake Coolah” on a map from above, which is just a 30 minutes drive from us away. So we grabbed our camera in the early evening and started our way. We’ve driven on empty

Time to move on

We lived now for almost two months in different areas around Brisbane. While Oliver already found a job since 3 weeks, I was still looking for a place to work in a restaurant or a café. I got a few offerings but there was always a hook, which brought us to decline the offering. Luckily

Our World Trip Packing List

  For us it was hardly to decide what is going to be in our backpacks. We spent hours in reading blogs and other packing lists, collecting advices in outdoor shops and slowly created an idea of our own packing list. But we have to consider that we weren’t really sure about our decisions. The

A very special day

Two days ago. With a bonfire and a bottle of sparkling wine at the lake. We celebrated the life, the love and the freedom which we enjoy since exactly 365 days. One year ago we arrived at the airport with trembling knees. We started our world trip with a lot of respect, heart beating and

VLOG 02 – Worldtrip Packing List!

Once around the world… What should you put in your backpack? Our next video handles exactly this topic! We’ll show you what we’re carrying with us since one year and we’re going to talk about important items which shouldn’t be missed in any backpack. In addition we’ll tell you what we towed around the globe

VLOG 01 – It begins!

Here is our first Vlog! In our opinion it’s time: Time to show you more! More of us, of our trip and our current life. We tried ourselves in front of the camera and we’ll take you with us to the Tamborine Nationalpark, which offers heaps of beautiful nature. This video is the beginning of